About Me

img_4971I guess it’s not really a good sign that I have “writer’s block” as I attempt to write my “About Me” page.

Let’s just start at the beginning.

The baseball card bug bit me back in 1986.  I was about 9 years old and at some point that year, I was given a stack of 1986 Topps baseball cards.  They were beat up, secured tightly with a rubber band and I loved them.

Collecting off and on since then, I’ve accumulated some pretty cool items.  At least, I’d like to think so anyways.  The little guy you see in the picture above is Cameron.  I’m looking forward to sharing my collection with him one day and I’ve even started adding a few pieces with him especially in mind.  I’ve also spent the last few years reading and enjoying other collector’s online blogs. I have finally decided to jump in and start my own blog which you have stumbled upon here.

This is my place to show some of my favorite items and share some stories that I’ve heard along the way.  Thanks for stopping by and hopefully you will find some posts that you enjoy.